The EukRef pipeline is available

pipeline01We would like to announce the public release of the EukRef 18S rRNA annotation pipeline. The objective of the EukRef initiative is to curate reference 18S rRNA sequences for lineages across the eukaryotic tree of life by incorporating phylogenetic and morphological knowledge, as well as contextual environmental data. The annotation pipeline was designed with these goals in mind. Thanks to the curators who attended the 1st EukRef workshop for testing and improving this pipeline.

The pipeline is implemented in a series of scripts freely available at GitHub. Individuals can use the pipeline to curate their group of interest, and we encourage users to join the initiative. You can find a list of the groups that are currently being curated visit our website or contact us at

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and stay tuned regarding future workshops and the evolution of the EukRef initiative.


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