Coordination Board

Javier del Campo
Javier is a Juan de la Cierva Fellow at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Barcelona. He is interested in the ecology and the phylogenetic diversity of protists. Current research is manly devoted to the analysis of the diversity and distribution of microbial eukaryotes associated to coral using high-throughput sequencing metabarcoding and the study of chlorarachniophytes diversity and plastid acquisition using single cell genomics.
Laura Parfrey
Laura is an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia. The overarching theme of her research is assessing the organismal and ecological diversity of eukaryotes within a phylogenetic framework. Her current research combines descriptive and manipulative experiments to investigate eukaryotic microbial ecology in coastal ecosystems and in the mammalian gut.
Matt Brown
Scientific advisor
Matt is an Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University. His research use classical protistological techniques merged with molecular evolution and bioinformatics to understand the evolution and diversity of eukaryotes, with a primary focus on the evolutionary transitions from unicellularity to multicellularit using novel approaches in phylogenomics, comparative genomics and developmental transcriptomics.
The Brown Lab
Colomban de Vargas
Scientific advisor
Colomban is Research Director at the CNRS France and team leader at the Station Biologique de Roscoff. His main research interest: How rich and diverse is plankton life, and how has plankton life evolved, and transformed/stabilized the Earth system? He pioneered the use of combined genetic, morphological, and geological data to assess rates and modes of biodiversity change in planktonic unicellular eukaryotes or protists on various ecological to geological time scales.
Martin Kolisko
IT advisor
Martin is Tula postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia. His research combines protistology with next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics. Apart from general interest in the diversity of microbial eukaryotes, his main research interests are the evolutionary changes associated with the transition from one life style to another (for example aerobic to anaerobic or free-living to host-associated) and the evolutionary forces behind these changes.