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Join the curation effort and enroll in our second workshop!

  • What: Workshop to produce curated 18S rDNA reference database.
  • When: November 28th – December 2nd, 2016.
  • Where: Barcelona, Spain at the Institute of Marine Sciences.
  • How much: We will cover the cost of housing, breakfast and lunch, and reimburse for the cost of flights up to $400 for participants within Europe and $1500 for those from the rest of the world. Thanks to the generous contribution of the Moore Foundation.

We would like you to join us this fall in our second workshop that will take place in Barcelona, Spain from November 28 to December 2. This effort brings together taxonomists with expertise in individual lineages that span the eukaryotic tree of life to curate reference 18S rDNA sequences of these lineages by incorporating knowledge of phylogenetic, morphological, and/or environmental contextual data. During the workshop, the working group will integrate the curation efforts on individual eukaryotic groups into a biological data warehouse consisting of curated sequences, flexible taxonomy, and phylogenetic trees and their underlying sequence alignments. We will further use this 18S rDNA reference database to investigate the environmental distribution of eukaryotic microbes from large-scale HTES datasets. Each curator is encouraged to use their curated data to address research questions of interest. We will discuss how to tackle such projects and encourage participants to publish their results. If you are a PhD student or a Postdoc we encourage you to apply before September the 16th.

Application deadline: September the 16th 2016

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